Hello my friend!

You think you do a good job at whatever your creative craft is and want more attention from people who really care about creativity, inspiration and quality work?

Then you have two options. First, you can pay me to give you shoutouts here!

Second, just give it a try and send me a link to a picture, track, video or website you would like me to post or your instagram page to shout out and we’ll see what we can do!

If I like what you’re doing I will hit you back and post your picture or shout out your page!

Please be honest with yourself and judge the quality of what you want me to promote and if it fits the style of my instagram page. This will make it easier for me to decide, because if something has bad quality or simply doesn’t fit in, I won’t promote it! (At least not for free 😛 )

I’m open to other ways of cooperation like doing a project together for instance as well. Just write me what you plan on doing and what I can help you with. You want me to do a music video? Or music for a video? Let’s talk about it 🙂